Propostion 8 religious bigots think it’s just great

October 30, 2008
The Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini gives his endorsment to proposition 8

The Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini gives his endorsement to proposition 8

Zero percent, that  is their tax rate

Moral turpitude  they claim  to abate

Bigotry has fear as it’s running mate

It’s  biology and  destiny  that  they seek to conflate

“godless immoral sodomites” they choose  to  berate

That teachers will be forced to write about anal sex  on the blackboard slate

Convinced They’re on a higher moral plane  and they  brook no debate

Like  the next  Sodom and Gomorrah they bombastically  equate

hetero  marriage they claim  it .will destroy and  desecrate

Like  the next  Sodom and Gomorrah they will  try to equate

And a  knee jerk fundamentalist agenda they seek to dictate.

An authoritarian  theological oligarchy is what they desire  to create

And  pound Us over  the head with religion  like a  big lead weight

When they get those poor suckers dropping money in the change plate.

They say You  should be a  second class  citizen  unless you are straight

Want s to take us back to the middle ages but it’s too late

What’s dogmatic superstition  have to do with the choice of a lifelong  mate ?

Nothing , so that’s why  Californians  should vote NO on Proposition 8.

Yes on 7: Energy Deregulation = corporate manna from Heaven

October 26, 2008

PG&E Recommends a" No" vote on Proposition 7

Of alternative energy sources we need a potpourri

Passive solar wind and Wave generation from the sea.

But ruled by greedy monopolistic bastards it should no longer be

Energy company deregulation was supposed to be a big whoopee

They said it would benefit everyone from corporate executive to the humblest worker bee

They were right about the first part, ENRON Fraudsters raked in that cash with malevolent glee

Get between them and a pile of money and they will howl like a banshee

Give us the middle finger salute and back to Texas they did flee.

While energy rates shot up higher than a redwood tree

After years and years of having them gratuitously stick it to me

I’m for anything that turns the tables on PG&E

Proposition 6: Gratuitous police shopping sprees we should nix

October 26, 2008
Humboldt County deputy Sheriffs Assoc. recommends a "yes on 6"

Humboldt County Deputy Sheriffs Assoc. recommends a Yes on Prop 6

When catching bad guys the police deserve to get their props

but to right wing knuckleheads this measure shamelessly sops

whose attitudes were formed in the days of Triceratops

They’ll use it to spy on Grannies for Peace and sundry covert ops

when they are not wasting public money at military surplus shops

So the police can buy a big tank while everyone else gets the budget lops

Sounds good at first but turns out to be one of those gigantic expensive flops

Chip those teenage graffiti hoodlums so the crime rate drops

Vote for any old piece of garbage initiative just because it claims to benefit cops

To believe it you’d have to be loaded on ex-Chief Gundersen’s Knockout Drops.

Money away from schools to build a bigger Juvenile hall it swaps

When it comes to  locking people up California is already tops

At our basic civil liberties this law aggressively chops

Vote “No” on 6 so the fear mongering rhetoric stops

Propostion 5 don’t believe the prison guard union jive.

October 21, 2008

Bloated Prison system,  is the leading source of of budgetary flab

The prison guard union boss scuttles sideways, like a hermit crab

He’s  going to scramble for that  money like  Donavon McNabb

About the dismal  horde that will be  bursting forth  he will always blab

Coming  to rape,and bust molest   shoot  break,  burn , stomp, plunder  loot and stab

Scaring up more and more taxpayer money is the reason for his confab

Its time we stopped paying his gigantically overinflated tab

Harmless pot smokers can’t abide  to living  where all the walls are drab

Some dumb slob who gets hooked on heroin doesn’t deserve to end up on a slab.

Vote yes on five for non violent offender rehab.

Proposition 4 Although they push a holy war, common sense must come before

October 15, 2008

Teenage lust, it’s not just a passing fad.

Teeny-boppers have been boppin’ since Nebuchadnezzar was a lad

This hiding from the facts of life, you know its really sad

The state can’t act as some imaginary stern  1950’s dad

Makes for  much bigger problems than the ones we already had

If Parents aren’t already  involved enough, then  that’s their bad

I hope those Anti -abortion  folks to get too awful mad

They push  that old time religion much  like they practice in Riyadh

Although Rose might wish that his parents had aborted Tad

Back alley abortions would never make Jesus glad

Think about that, when you’re punching that “No on 4″chad

Propostion 3 , Vote yes for the kiddies without irony.

October 14, 2008

Opposition  to this measure would really get me riled

Into the coffers of ponzi schemers the public treasury has  piled

then  they  claim their  too strapped  to help a cancer stricken child.

Bullshit! is  the word I have for them but that is far too mild

This time ,Do something good with the voting power you wield

Investing in children and   the future isn’t like gambling wild

In the  “yes” column My Vote   be filed.

Proposition 2 Even a chicken should have a chance to stretch their legs before they end up in your stew

October 13, 2008

The life of a corporate chickenhood ,it   has no  luck

Short nasty and brutal  on a Corporate farm  mega-buck

They’re Jammed so close together  it would make Col. Sanders dumbstruck.

Very soon by  a big metal blade the chicken  necks will get struck

at the WINCO deli section  in  a greasy paper bag their parts will  get stuck

Even a chicken should  have one  chance to scratch the barnyard muck

And to peck and  flap their wings and give a a loud  cluck.

On Election Day Vote “Yes” on Proposition 2 and don’t be a schmuck.

Proposition 1, train robbers you should aways shun.

October 12, 2008

Stuff a train load of cash into their pocket, it’s what they want to do

They’re trying to ” run the train” on us, that’s behind the ballyhoo

Cushy board appointments for old political cronies, they will be open too

Those consulting fees for “consultants,” you know they are beaucoup

Any work on actual train lines will be last on their list “to do”

In the hands of the select, massive profits will accrue

While average taxpaying citizens will get the royal screw.

And poor old Casey Jones, he will continue to remain blue

Straight to nowhere is the destination of this choo-choo.

Never any results for previously invested dough.

On November 4 the answer we should give them is “NO”

People Project absurdist drama like Bertolt Brecht

September 6, 2008

Out  the forest  comes a ragamuffin sect.

Known around U-town as the People Project

To a picture of Jerry Garcia they will Genuflect

In a wafting cloud scientists call the “greenbud effect”

When pinching one off, to the neighbors they trekked

With flower child turd blossoms the lawns were bedecked

And from six blocks away the odor you can detect

Self righteously spewing spittle, rainbow flecked

Shows those nine to fivers  such disrespect

Pathological narcissism is her major  character defect

Urban camping with drama  more absurdist  than Bertolt Brecht

Even makes an old crank like Partain  seem reasonable and  circumspect

The calm of a quiet neighborhood completely wrecked

The local constabulary were called upon to eject

Their ridiculous lawsuit the judge will reject

And  much hostility the townsfolk will misdirect

On all the poor people  it will unfairly reflect

Any effort to help them will be seen as suspect

When hippy dippy self indulgence goes unchecked

Abominable “No Men” with smooth waxy faces like paraffin

August 24, 2008

For money, war and power they have bad Yen

Corporate monopolists are their spiritual Kin

With faces all smooth and waxy like paraffin

They want to lock all the minorities up in the State Pen

They’ll try any form of chicanery, If it means they can win

On the poor and downtrodden, blame they will always pin

For rich special interests they are Yoemen

As leaders they worship Gipper Reagen like Showmen

blabbering About how  we should have nuked Phnom Pehn

And just gave the buck toothed finger to the UN

And the right wing pundit chorus says “amen”

As the Terminator Ahnoult bloviating on CNN

He’ll lay out his budget plan like he gobbled a handful of Phen Phen

About how it’s up to the poor people to take it on the chin

Harder than a wild pitch from Robb Nen

Which makes the 11 PM highlights on ESPN

When his time is up He’ll leave nothing but a Cheshire cat grin

His bullshit orbits the Earth much faster than John Glenn

When he splashes down you can see his dorsal fin

Thirty years ago California turned the corner, that’s the date when

A fraudster named Jarvis clucked about taxes like an old hen

He won because he was a master of fake populist glibertarian spin

Rich people and  corporations have get a free ride ever since then

And that day started the rise of the Abominable “no” men