Rose knows Jerry Droz

MCK is the home of a lady named Rose

She often likes to build rhetorical scarecrows

An angry blog post, she will compose

Filled with trollish nonsense, just like Jerry Droz

There’s a district Attorney  of whom she’d  like to dispose

She thinks his skill at prosecuting crooks completely blows

Any scurrilous gossip about him, she will presuppose.

When his PL lawsuit is tossed she unabashedly crows

Believes in conspiracy just like UFOs

Dr Ken and Salzman are her implacable foes

At Local Solutions she will thumb her blue nose

Wants to soak all the hippie protesters with a big fire hose

Old boy plutocracy is what  she seeks to reimpose

It makes  her so happy when the rich mans bank account grows


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9 Responses to “Rose knows Jerry Droz”

  1. Carson Park Ranger Says:

    Dog Earl is prolific
    Though his rhymes are horrific
    His humor’s terrific
    And his ‘tude is pacific

    Imitation is the most flattering form of sincerity.

  2. kristabel Says:

    Look, doggy, CPR’s got a crush on you too!

  3. doggerelface Says:

    At the District Attorney epithets she throws

    Always towards him. her resentment grows

    Blames treehuggers if the economy slows

    Wishes the cops would jack them all up by the rings in their nose

  4. Joe Says:

    Rose has got her nose stuck up a garden hose . She’s the worse speller and from a mile away you can smell her . Rose , do us all a favor – take a bath and get better with your english and math .

  5. doggerelface Says:

    The answer to the question no one knows

    From where of the torrent of her ire flows.

    She will write a post in turgid prose.

    Her nose growing longer like Pinnochio’s

  6. doggerelface Says:

    The whole concept of logic eludes Rose

    Under the weight of her ignorance patience bows

    Repeats herself so often, makes me want to Doze

    Her world’s not wonderful like Satchmo’s

    Her own unhappiness she’ll juxtapose.

    With the contented lives of most of her foes

    a mud slide down a clear cut her resentment flows

    To fill the world with a giant sucking sound just like Ross Perot’s

  7. Alex and Betty Says:

    Rose stinks . I can smell her stench a block away . Her grammer is worse than the dirt and grime on her smelly body .

  8. Froze Says:

    Droz knows Rose smells worse by the hour . Droz knows Rose never takes a shower . Her english is poor and so is her math and Droz knows Rose needs a bath . But says Rose …..i have no soap ! Then said Droz….You better stop the booze and get off the dope . Droz knows Rose and that people can smell her a mile away and so says Rose i have not bathed since June July August or May .

  9. Alex and Debbie Says:

    Rose smells like an old corroded garden hose . It’s true she needs a bath and her english is worse than her math . Please , Rose , please take a shower your smelliness is getting worse every hour . Your trollish nonsense is making us very tense so , stay off this blog until you smell better than an old stray dog .

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