Stunich helps run America into the ditch

A   sophist named Andrew Stunich

In the Lawyer game he’s  really found his niche

Resource extractors he loves to enrich

Scraps  off Charlie’s table they do bewitch.

Unattributed quotes just a minor glitch

Defends chicken hawk cowards loitering  in Mich

He’ll twist the truth like a mortars hitch

With political rhetoric  based on fear and  kitch

At the mention of Muslim’s his face will twitch.

He knows that ,for  blowing up America ,they   have an insatiable itch

Regurgitates think tank drivel with a far right pitch

Jesus says “step all over Grandma if helps you  to get rich”

Helps the wrecking crew run America into the ditch

On Armageddon he’d like to throw the ignition  switch

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2 Responses to “Stunich helps run America into the ditch”

  1. Andy Stunich Says:

    Perhaps you can identify for us a false argument made by me? What resource extractor have I allegedly enriched? I have never represented a resource extractor that I know of. I have also repeatedly made clear that while I take great issue with Islamic doctrine, But I have always pointed out that most Muslims have no involvement in terrorism and simply want to live in peace. See my essay entitled: “Islam Is It A Religion of Peace?”

  2. Carson Park Ranger Says:

    “…I have always pointed out that most Muslims have no involvement in terrorism…”

    How very generous of Mr. Stunich. Next he might even allow that Muslim men don’t beat their wives 99% of the time.

    I’ll go with the doggerel over Mr. Stunich’s hackneyed horse manure any day.

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