Little Jonny Ashbach should stuff it with a sock

In the Eel River valley lives a young scout named Jonny Ashbach

Who’s led  a short sheltered life with nary a hard knock

Hard won life experience of real working people he does mock.

What he serves up in the letters section is warmed over Bushite crock

Sombody please tell this ignorant little twit to stuff it with a sock!

Instead of going to school he was drilled in Old Testment schlock

And little Bible story stick figures that mamma drew for him in chalk

As she taught him that learning evolution was sinful as the red light district of Bangkok

Not to mention some old cliche talking points from her favorite hard right  radio jock

And how all same sexers. abortionists, blasphemers, and peacecreeps  deserve to get the perp walk


Around Planned Parenthood Jon loves to Stalk

Waving around gory fetus pictures intended to shock

 Says we need excess workers laboring around the clock

Catering to each and every whim of the chosen from the flock

Not to mention more cannon fodder for that righteous holy war in Iraq

I’ll  give you great odds to wager that young Mr. A. is a complete chickenhawk

And that he’ll bombastically continue to cheer from the safety of his own block.

Prays for armageddon around the  clock

He’s Just a know-it-all twerp who could test Dr. Spock

Will he grow up to be a santctimonious asshole?

I think It’s a lock.

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One Response to “Little Jonny Ashbach should stuff it with a sock”

  1. Greg Says:

    OK, that does it. I’ll link you to our blog.

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