Hannaford gets Al Gored, then falls on his sword

Eureka Reporter Chief Opinionator Peter Hannaford

No secret that he’s the entire editorial Board

believes the already rich are entitled everything to hoard

“Bedtime for Bonzo” was a movie that he Adored

Loved it in a way that was almost Untoward.

Blots like Iran Contra were ignored

Environmental regulations he has abhorred

For offshore rigs he has serially implored

Does not care if some of the product gets poured

Or if the ice melts off the far northern fjord

When he hears all that he’ll say he’s so bored

All his editorials GOP central command does prerecord

So that everyone in the rank and file stays rigidly in accord.

And that no other options except the party line are ever explored

Winger politicians read conservation speeches into the congressional record.

Peter Hannaford could save electricity by unplugging his computer’s power cord.

Cause it sure seems like filthy dirty Republican Party money is his master and lord

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8 Responses to “Hannaford gets Al Gored, then falls on his sword”

  1. humboldturtle Says:

    You could have demurred
    but no, you ol’ turd
    you can’t leave it unstirred.

    You can’t leave out a word
    about Hannaford
    though everyone’s language is murdered.

  2. Jane Doe Says:

    There was an editor named Pete
    who couldn’t think on his feet.
    His brain was so old
    and soul many times sold
    all that came from his mouth was a bleat.

  3. doggerelface Says:

    Always wrong but has never gotten any clues.

    Asked to believe the earth isn’t flat He will refuse

    He Blocks out everything but extreme rightist Views

    as he shamelessly pimps yet another oil company ruse

    He might work for the paper, but it’s time he got the news

    All right wing chumps are soon going to be singing the blues

  4. Heraldo Says:

    He might work for the paper, but it’s time he got the news

    That’s the best line yet.

  5. Carol Says:

    Limerick for Heraldo:

    There once was a blog so intelligent
    Sometimes pissed-off the Rich and the Elegant
    Asking, “Who is Heraldo?”
    Is like searching for Waldo
    He/She’s neither a donkey nor elephant!

    July, 2008 Carol Ann Conners

  6. Carol Says:

    The picture of Ronald reminds me of one of his movies with his first wife, Jane Wyatt when they sing this song:

    Good morning, good morning!
    It’s great to stay out late –
    Good morning, good morning to You!

    Does anyone know the name of the movie? It is definitely a B picture movie, I saw it only once, but I can still remember that dorky song.

  7. doggerelface Says:

    That’s not a picture from a movie, contrary to the myth that some people push

    It’s a photo of a young Ronald Reagan feeding baby George W Bush.

  8. Isabell Kreiner Says:

    I thought $300 was expensive for party poker account but I got it and stole all that fuckers sweet money. I had cashed out before he even know what hit him.$5633 Profit Easy as pie.

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