Propostion 8 religious bigots think it’s just great

The Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini gives his endorsment to proposition 8

The Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini gives his endorsement to proposition 8

Zero percent, that  is their tax rate

Moral turpitude  they claim  to abate

Bigotry has fear as it’s running mate

It’s  biology and  destiny  that  they seek to conflate

“godless immoral sodomites” they choose  to  berate

That teachers will be forced to write about anal sex  on the blackboard slate

Convinced They’re on a higher moral plane  and they  brook no debate

Like  the next  Sodom and Gomorrah they bombastically  equate

hetero  marriage they claim  it .will destroy and  desecrate

Like  the next  Sodom and Gomorrah they will  try to equate

And a  knee jerk fundamentalist agenda they seek to dictate.

An authoritarian  theological oligarchy is what they desire  to create

And  pound Us over  the head with religion  like a  big lead weight

When they get those poor suckers dropping money in the change plate.

They say You  should be a  second class  citizen  unless you are straight

Want s to take us back to the middle ages but it’s too late

What’s dogmatic superstition  have to do with the choice of a lifelong  mate ?

Nothing , so that’s why  Californians  should vote NO on Proposition 8.

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4 Responses to “Propostion 8 religious bigots think it’s just great”

  1. Hayduke Says:

    So far this has been the best election slate adviser I have seen.

  2. Carson Park Ranger Says:

    Okay, marked my sample ballot with Doggerelface’s recommendations, now I’m ready to head to the polls in the morning.

    Hey, I didn’t know that Ayatollah Khomeini was a Mormon.

  3. Hayduke Says:

    Please come back.

  4. humboldturtle Says:

    Get your lazy ass back onto the puter, goddammit.

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