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Propostion 5 don’t believe the prison guard union jive.

October 21, 2008

Bloated Prison system,  is the leading source of of budgetary flab

The prison guard union boss scuttles sideways, like a hermit crab

He’s  going to scramble for that  money like  Donavon McNabb

About the dismal  horde that will be  bursting forth  he will always blab

Coming  to rape,and bust molest   shoot  break,  burn , stomp, plunder  loot and stab

Scaring up more and more taxpayer money is the reason for his confab

Its time we stopped paying his gigantically overinflated tab

Harmless pot smokers can’t abide  to living  where all the walls are drab

Some dumb slob who gets hooked on heroin doesn’t deserve to end up on a slab.

Vote yes on five for non violent offender rehab.