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Steve writes about his pet peeve

July 2, 2008

Wildwood is home to ubiquitous Steve
Sometimes things he writes make me heave
Once a flower child, when young and naive
Now old and bitter they’re his pet peeve

Says it’s the workin’ folks they aggrieve
In Communitarian bliss he wants to believe
It’s working for Mr. Charlie he’ll misperceive
Can’t stand those Zionists from Tel Aviv
He says they often practice to deceive

On the radio with Rose, he would weave
Conspiracy theories far-fetched to believe
Any unlucky listener in range to receive.
Would soon be gulping a handful of Aleve

With a Stihl chainsaw they’d like to cleave
All those nappy dreadlocks and make dirty fucking hippies grieve.

Rose knows Jerry Droz

June 13, 2008

MCK is the home of a lady named Rose

She often likes to build rhetorical scarecrows

An angry blog post, she will compose

Filled with trollish nonsense, just like Jerry Droz

There’s a district Attorney  of whom she’d  like to dispose

She thinks his skill at prosecuting crooks completely blows

Any scurrilous gossip about him, she will presuppose.

When his PL lawsuit is tossed she unabashedly crows

Believes in conspiracy just like UFOs

Dr Ken and Salzman are her implacable foes

At Local Solutions she will thumb her blue nose

Wants to soak all the hippie protesters with a big fire hose

Old boy plutocracy is what  she seeks to reimpose

It makes  her so happy when the rich mans bank account grows