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People Project absurdist drama like Bertolt Brecht

September 6, 2008

Out  the forest  comes a ragamuffin sect.

Known around U-town as the People Project

To a picture of Jerry Garcia they will Genuflect

In a wafting cloud scientists call the “greenbud effect”

When pinching one off, to the neighbors they trekked

With flower child turd blossoms the lawns were bedecked

And from six blocks away the odor you can detect

Self righteously spewing spittle, rainbow flecked

Shows those nine to fivers  such disrespect

Pathological narcissism is her major  character defect

Urban camping with drama  more absurdist  than Bertolt Brecht

Even makes an old crank like Partain  seem reasonable and  circumspect

The calm of a quiet neighborhood completely wrecked

The local constabulary were called upon to eject

Their ridiculous lawsuit the judge will reject

And  much hostility the townsfolk will misdirect

On all the poor people  it will unfairly reflect

Any effort to help them will be seen as suspect

When hippy dippy self indulgence goes unchecked