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Proposition 6: Gratuitous police shopping sprees we should nix

October 26, 2008
Humboldt County deputy Sheriffs Assoc. recommends a "yes on 6"

Humboldt County Deputy Sheriffs Assoc. recommends a Yes on Prop 6

When catching bad guys the police deserve to get their props

but to right wing knuckleheads this measure shamelessly sops

whose attitudes were formed in the days of Triceratops

They’ll use it to spy on Grannies for Peace and sundry covert ops

when they are not wasting public money at military surplus shops

So the police can buy a big tank while everyone else gets the budget lops

Sounds good at first but turns out to be one of those gigantic expensive flops

Chip those teenage graffiti hoodlums so the crime rate drops

Vote for any old piece of garbage initiative just because it claims to benefit cops

To believe it you’d have to be loaded on ex-Chief Gundersen’s Knockout Drops.

Money away from schools to build a bigger Juvenile hall it swaps

When it comes to  locking people up California is already tops

At our basic civil liberties this law aggressively chops

Vote “No” on 6 so the fear mongering rhetoric stops