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Little Jonny Ashbach should stuff it with a sock

July 13, 2008

In the Eel River valley lives a young scout named Jonny Ashbach

Who’s led  a short sheltered life with nary a hard knock

Hard won life experience of real working people he does mock.

What he serves up in the letters section is warmed over Bushite crock

Sombody please tell this ignorant little twit to stuff it with a sock!

Instead of going to school he was drilled in Old Testment schlock

And little Bible story stick figures that mamma drew for him in chalk

As she taught him that learning evolution was sinful as the red light district of Bangkok

Not to mention some old cliche talking points from her favorite hard right  radio jock

And how all same sexers. abortionists, blasphemers, and peacecreeps  deserve to get the perp walk


Around Planned Parenthood Jon loves to Stalk

Waving around gory fetus pictures intended to shock

 Says we need excess workers laboring around the clock

Catering to each and every whim of the chosen from the flock

Not to mention more cannon fodder for that righteous holy war in Iraq

I’ll  give you great odds to wager that young Mr. A. is a complete chickenhawk

And that he’ll bombastically continue to cheer from the safety of his own block.

Prays for armageddon around the  clock

He’s Just a know-it-all twerp who could test Dr. Spock

Will he grow up to be a santctimonious asshole?

I think It’s a lock.

Chicken Hawk pinches one off in his smock.

June 21, 2008




Off the  far tip of his right wing comes a deafening squawk

It’s the horrendous bloodthirsty battle cry of the Chicken hawk!

Brainwashed mind capable only of repeating Weakly Standard schlock

Thinks fighting real wars is easy and painless like being a video game jock

About dropping daisy cutters on “the ragheads” he loves to talk

But his ass is like a Tweety bird but who talks like Sgt Rock

Postures just like a Rambo puppet made from a sock

Won’t ever see him volunteering for duty in Iraq

Away, away from the recruiting station he will run , not walk

Any hint of actual danger causes his knees to violently knock

When he’s confronted with his own cowardice. he will feign shock

As he trots out a list of the laundry list of lame excuses he has kept  in stock

How America  urgently needs him to fight terrorists by not leaving his own block

Translated to English it sounds like bwack bwack bwack. bwack- bwack. bwack, bwack-bwack

Stunich helps run America into the ditch

June 19, 2008

A   sophist named Andrew Stunich

In the Lawyer game he’s  really found his niche

Resource extractors he loves to enrich

Scraps  off Charlie’s table they do bewitch.

Unattributed quotes just a minor glitch

Defends chicken hawk cowards loitering  in Mich

He’ll twist the truth like a mortars hitch

With political rhetoric  based on fear and  kitch

At the mention of Muslim’s his face will twitch.

He knows that ,for  blowing up America ,they   have an insatiable itch

Regurgitates think tank drivel with a far right pitch

Jesus says “step all over Grandma if helps you  to get rich”

Helps the wrecking crew run America into the ditch

On Armageddon he’d like to throw the ignition  switch