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The Tweak gives looks that are oblique

August 3, 2008

All nervous and jumpy we call him a “tweak”

Greasy hair slicked back in a widows peak

He takes toxic residue from a superfund leak

Makes  it into powder and snorts it up his beak

That’s what accounts for his emaciated physique

Jabbers so fast it sounds just like greek

He’s got no teeth so it’s easy to misspeak

 Always giving you looks that are oblique

 Off with your TV and  bicycle  he will sneak

Jacking friends and neigbors is his preferred technique


His whackjob  ol’ lady is also a  total speed freak

Back when she was younger her self esteem was weak

Started doing chystal meth to make herself model sleek

She might be really stupid, but she’s not a geek

That’s before she got a habit using seven days a week

Long gone is every bit of her allure and mystique

She looks much  like a refugee from Mozambique

And her weathered face resembles leather antique.

They pile those rails high like a moutain peak

And to their own lives much havoc do they wreak

staying up all night breaking glass, listen to them shriek

Thier  prospects for the future, you know, they  couldn’t be more bleak