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Humboldt Mirror gets the Bronx cheer

July 4, 2008

Humboldt Mirror Celebrates Six Months of Mediocrity

Not a pretty sight is the Humboldt Mirror

Whiny white guys crying in their Beer

All the usual suspects in the wingnut sphere

Come around in order to practice their sneer

At a certain Supervisor they love to jeer

Like a jilted blog stalker they often appear

displaying stupid assholeishness without peer

Of humor this blog has only a thin veneer

When old ladies fall over they like to cheer

Just lame “Onion” knock offs it’s abundantly clear

With such sorry material it’s hard to see how they can persevere

Maybe they can go to the Army recruiter and volunteer

This Fourth of July lets give them a big Bronx cheer.

The “We hate Bonnie Neely Blog” would be a title much more sincere