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Abominable “No Men” with smooth waxy faces like paraffin

August 24, 2008

For money, war and power they have bad Yen

Corporate monopolists are their spiritual Kin

With faces all smooth and waxy like paraffin

They want to lock all the minorities up in the State Pen

They’ll try any form of chicanery, If it means they can win

On the poor and downtrodden, blame they will always pin

For rich special interests they are Yoemen

As leaders they worship Gipper Reagen like Showmen

blabbering About how  we should have nuked Phnom Pehn

And just gave the buck toothed finger to the UN

And the right wing pundit chorus says “amen”

As the Terminator Ahnoult bloviating on CNN

He’ll lay out his budget plan like he gobbled a handful of Phen Phen

About how it’s up to the poor people to take it on the chin

Harder than a wild pitch from Robb Nen

Which makes the 11 PM highlights on ESPN

When his time is up He’ll leave nothing but a Cheshire cat grin

His bullshit orbits the Earth much faster than John Glenn

When he splashes down you can see his dorsal fin

Thirty years ago California turned the corner, that’s the date when

A fraudster named Jarvis clucked about taxes like an old hen

He won because he was a master of fake populist glibertarian spin

Rich people and  corporations have get a free ride ever since then

And that day started the rise of the Abominable “no” men