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Leo Sears slips some gears

June 11, 2008

Leo Sears and fellow  HTL stalwart  Jerry Partain take in a show at the Arkley Center

Leo Sears and Jerry Partain take in a show at the Arkley Center.

At the Cook house luncheon, Mr Leo Sears

To Howard Jarvis talking points, strictly adheres

With one crabby claw, from the mailbox he spears

A government check thats been coming for years

Living off other peoples’ taxes makes Leo soft between the ears.

His sense of gratitude suddenly disappears

Just as soon as his government pension check clears.

At public expense he makes hay like a fleet of John Deeres.

At social investment Leo sneers and at poor people he jeers.

That government might do something to help YOU is what he fears

The thought that it’s money not going to him is what drives him to tears.

Now here’s a suggestion that’s sure to bring some cheers

Now times are tight and the Terminator brandishes his budget shears,

It’s time to cut Leo off the dole and make him pay arrears