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Chicken Hawk pinches one off in his smock.

June 21, 2008




Off the  far tip of his right wing comes a deafening squawk

It’s the horrendous bloodthirsty battle cry of the Chicken hawk!

Brainwashed mind capable only of repeating Weakly Standard schlock

Thinks fighting real wars is easy and painless like being a video game jock

About dropping daisy cutters on “the ragheads” he loves to talk

But his ass is like a Tweety bird but who talks like Sgt Rock

Postures just like a Rambo puppet made from a sock

Won’t ever see him volunteering for duty in Iraq

Away, away from the recruiting station he will run , not walk

Any hint of actual danger causes his knees to violently knock

When he’s confronted with his own cowardice. he will feign shock

As he trots out a list of the laundry list of lame excuses he has kept  in stock

How America  urgently needs him to fight terrorists by not leaving his own block

Translated to English it sounds like bwack bwack bwack. bwack- bwack. bwack, bwack-bwack