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Yes on 7: Energy Deregulation = corporate manna from Heaven

October 26, 2008

PG&E Recommends a" No" vote on Proposition 7

Of alternative energy sources we need a potpourri

Passive solar wind and Wave generation from the sea.

But ruled by greedy monopolistic bastards it should no longer be

Energy company deregulation was supposed to be a big whoopee

They said it would benefit everyone from corporate executive to the humblest worker bee

They were right about the first part, ENRON Fraudsters raked in that cash with malevolent glee

Get between them and a pile of money and they will howl like a banshee

Give us the middle finger salute and back to Texas they did flee.

While energy rates shot up higher than a redwood tree

After years and years of having them gratuitously stick it to me

I’m for anything that turns the tables on PG&E

Monster Truck Guy gives the stank eye

June 16, 2008

Rolling down 101, here  comes Monster Truck Guy

His truck has the highest lift  kit money can buy

An engineering marvel, because  gravity it will defy

Looms over everone  blots out the blue sky

Drinks enough gas to drain Texas  and Oklahoma dry

A star spangled custom paint job  he will apply

If his fancy rims get scratched  MTG might just want to cry.

But that he’s anything less than 100% macho don’t you dare imply

Out on the highway he’ll almost drive up your brown eye

Always in a rush to bring along the great greenhouse frizzle fry.

When he rumbles past he’ll give you the stank eye.

His sense of entitlement is just like Captain Bligh

Looking down on people is easy when you’re up so high.

To maintain an affectation of  utter  machismo  he must always  try.