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The Plazoid meets Sigmund Freud

June 13, 2008

Deep in the heart of U-town lurks the plazoid

At the bus stop , he’s the fellow you want to avoid

Of any work ethic he’s completely devoid

Its not hard to see why he is chronically unemployed

On his bongos he plays “Into the Void”

Got a Chinese symbol tattooed on his left trapezoid

Authority figures always make him paranoid

On a Guatemalan blanket his glass pipes are deployed

If you dont give him spare change he’ll get mighty annoyed

He’ll rant about how ” you’re a fascistic consumerist droid “

He’ll make you wish your smell sense was null and void

When he finally slouches away it’s hard not be overjoyed

He would be a fascinating case study for Sigmund Freud

The Doc would say: “He blew his mind on too much Pink Floyd”