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Rose is a railer just like Captain Ahab on his whaler

August 4, 2008

In every situation Rose is a reliable corporate hailer

Salzman’s name is central in elaborate conspiricies she’ll tailor

Her grip on reality it couldnt be much frailer

It’s if  she was smoking crack like Lawrence Taylor

She hopes all the trehuggers get run down by a tractor trailer

Hurrying to deliver plastic crap to her favorite WAL-MART retailer

Against Local Solutions she is an incessant railer

Bellowing like Captain Ahab from the deck of his whaler

About throwing R. Trent in the can,  just like was like a drunken sailor

And hoping that he gets beat senseless by an irate jailer.

Compared to hers, his trangressions seem much paler

just minute trifles, that would blind an auto detailer

Ideological constipation that’s the affliction that ails her

Reading the latest Eureka Coalition for Jobs mailer

Made Rose so verklempt she needed to use an inhaler

It claims Richard Salzman is just like Vlad the Impaler

R. Trent gets outspent

July 7, 2008


There once was a fellow who called himself R. Trent

In letters to the editor he’d often vent

Right wing foibles he’d always lament

Unfortunately his name he’d sometimes misrepresent

That doesn’t invalidate the rest of his argument

To his subjects the letters caused such anguish and torment

That they called the local police to register their discontent

They said he’s committing a breach of trust with fraudulent intent

Never mind that anonymous lobbyists pumping $$$ get their assent

So that at campaign time all the liberals are sure to get outspent.

They were beside themselves with phony outrage over a non event,

Because they always need another straw bogey man to invent.

Treats minor chicanery like a seismic event.

Anyone who thinks I’m “Sarah” must be sniffing rubber cement